Best World Series Moments

Baseball is America’s pastime, and every October two teams face off in a best of seven tournament to determine the winner of the World Series. The winning team is named the best team in the league for an entire year, bragging rights, a trophy, and of course the diamond-studded World Series Ring. Those rings are so impressive that even a replica World Series ring is highly coveted by fans.

In 1903 the Boston Americans Played the Pittsburgh Pirates in the first-ever World Series, and in the more than 100 years since that game, there have been countless memorable World Series moments. It’s almost impossible to pick the best World Series moments, but that won’t stop us from trying.

5. 1932: Yankees VS Cubs Game 3

As the legend goes, the Cubs players were heckling the great Babe Ruth from the bench as he came to the plate in the fifth inning. The Bambino then pointed to centerfield allegedly “calling his shot” before cranking a home run to the centerfield bleachers. The home run was Ruth’s last postseason home run of his career.

4. 1977: Yankees VS Dodgers

Babe Ruth made history with one home run with his called shot, but 45 years later another Yankee great, Reggie Jackson, would make history by hitting three. After being walked during his first at-bat in game six, Jackson went on to hit three consecutive home runs, on three consecutive pitches, off of three different pitchers to help the Yankees win the game and the series.

3. 1954: New York Giants VS Indians

Considered by many to be the greatest play of all time, “The Catch” by Giants center fielder Willie Mays happened during the first game of the series. In the top of the 8th inning, with the score tied 2-2 Indians hitter Vic Wertz hit the ball nearly 420 feet to center field. Willie Mays, who was playing shallow in center at the time, made a running, over the shoulder near impossible catch and immediately spun around and threw the ball to second. Indians runner Doby, assuming the ball wouldn’t be caught, didn’t tag second before taking off and Mays held the runners, stopping the go-ahead run.

2. 2016: Cubs VS Indians

In 1907 and 1908 The Chicago Cubs won back to back World Series becoming the first team to do so. They wouldn’t win another one for 108 years, and all because of a billy goat. As the legend goes, in 1945 Cubs fan William Sianis brought his billy goat to the Cubs stadium Wrigley Field. The smell from the goat upset the other fans and Sianis was asked to leave, to which he replied “Them Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more.” Those words supposedly started a curse that wouldn’t be broken until they finally beat the Indians in game 7 of the 2016 World Series.

1. 1956: Yankees VS Brooklyn Dodgers

One of the hardest feats to in professional sports is throwing a perfect game, or when a pitcher throws nine-inning without allowing a single hitter to reach first base. No walks, hits, hit batters, or any other means of reaching a base. In game 5 of the 1956 series Yankees’ pitcher, Don Larsen pitched to the minimum 27 batters through 9 innings for one of only 23 perfect games in MLB history and the first and only perfect game in World Series history. The Yankees went on to win the series in game seven and won that year’s MVP award.

Games like these are what make the World Series so amazing, and why even a replica world series ring is a prized possession for fans. October is when the magic happens and why baseball is and has always been America’s pastime.