How to choose a travel baseball team for your kids?

With more young players practicing baseball and traveling all year round, this sport has been growing in popularity. In most cases, players want to explore several options, so they are playing both, recreational and travel baseball. For that reason, many parents are considering to enrolling their kids into a baseball team. However, this requires a commitment and dedication. So, before you even think about this option, here are a couple of reason you should keep in mind.


post2aHow far and how often are you willing to drive? The majority of baseball teams practice up to three times per week and have 1-4 games on the weekends. For example, if you are driving two hours or more, then things can become unpleasant very soon. However, for some parents this whole hassle is worth the effort — it all up to you, and whether you are ready to sacrifice your family dynamics. You should think about all the thing you won’t be able to do, like spending time with your spouse, cooking dinner, doing homework with your kids, and getting them ready for bed. So, before enrolling your kid into a travel baseball team, seriously consider the location. Sometimes it’s better to play for a less competitive team, which is closer to home than to travel long distances.

Level of skills

Another essential feature to consider when choosing a baseball team is their level of skills. If you have a talented young player, then you want to provide him with the best possible option. A professional team has the best coaches. They only play with superior players and make everyone on the field better. But, what the point of a good team, if your kid is sitting on the bench. In this case, you have to read your child’s personality. Will this help him become more motivated, or he will feel discouraged. Whatever path they take, this is a moment of maturity, and competition and maturity will push them forward.post2c

Chance to play

The next thing you should consider when selecting a travel baseball team is whether your kid will have an opportunity to play. Pay attention to word “opportunity,” not a guarantee from the coach that he will pay every time. In every team, players need to earn their position. post2bSo, a player who improves the fastest is the one who has something to show and something to prove will always have a place in a team.


Finding a close to a home travel baseball team with talented players and excellent coaches is quite a challenging task. In this case, the coach takes a special place and young players can either improve their game or suffer more from the person that is coaching them. It is crucial to find a coach who will be dedicated to the team and someone who takes pride in developing players’ skills. A coach who has a short temper will only create a tense atmosphere within the team, and young players will avoid him at all cost.