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Baseball Teams

Baseball dates back to the 18th century. This explains why it is one of our favourite pastimes. Over the centuries, so many things have changed. It is difficult to document the sheer greatness of the game. But Victoria Vics Baseball is here to do just that! We are at the forefront to bring you relevant and legitimate news on baseball teams, players, games, tips, and much more!

Just like the old Yankee Stadium scoreboard, Victoria Vics Baseball helps keep baseball fans all over the world on top of the game. Are you looking for information on the latest upcoming team? Do you want to know the number of doubles Ted Williams achieved in 1941? Curious about where Eddie Collins of the Hall of Fame comes from?

We have the answers to these and many more questions. At we love baseball, so we compile a comprehensive set of answers to anything related to baseball in America and all over the world.

Baseball teams

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What Baseball Teams and Players are Wearing

Are you looking for elite sports equipment? Victoria Vics Baseball can help! We are on a mission to help you find the best sporting equipment. Whether you are looking for gear such as baseball shoes, gloves, bats, and others, we consult the true professionals for you.

Our focus is on professional equipment to make buying the best baseball gear more fun and much easier. Our equipment team offers you up-to-date and accurate information on pro baseball equipment used by the best in the sport. Consider us a great resource to gear up for this season, knowing that you will only see recommendations of the best!

baseball eras

Learn About Different Baseball Eras

The first professional baseball clubs were formed in the 1860s. The National Association of Professional Baseball Players is one of the first major leagues that ran from 1871 through 1875. By the end of the 1800s, several leagues were formed and shut down. They include the American Association, National League, and Union Association.

The National League and the American League cemented themselves as the dominant American leagues within the first few years of the 20th century. These leagues brought us dominant players such as Babe Ruth whose World Series pitching and hitting statistics are impressive. Others include Joe Jackson, Cy Young, Ed Bahr, and Rollie Stiles.

Baseball teams
Trading Rumors

Verified Baseball Trading Rumors

We are a storehouse for legitimate, relevant information on baseball teams, signings, and much more. We focus on the hot topic around baseball—trades. This information comes from our writers and established journalists. We verify the information from the source before publishing. Here you will find trading information revolving around North America’s Major League Baseball (MLB) to Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).

We provide new material all year round and attempt to post all news and information with complete analysis as soon as possible. Created as a hobby site, we receive hundreds of thousands of visitors each day looking for the latest information on the most exciting baseball teams in the world. We cover the Mexican Pacific League, Venezuela’s Professional Baseball League, and many more leagues.


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Like collectables such as comic books, baseball cards are valued for their condition and what they are. Near mint condition cards have minimum tear and wear and their values can run into millions of dollars. The value can also increase depending on the scarcity of a card.

To find baseball games that are on today, use a computer browser. However, you need access to a regional, local sports network with rights to watch your favourite baseball teams live on TV. You can watch the game on your browser using the league’s website or live streaming services.

John Chapman and Tony Vogel formed the team in 1974. Vics made it to the state tournament in 1980 where they lost to Carver in the quarter-finals. Some players that have played with the Vics include Pokey Johnson, Tim Marble, Brian Artez, and Randy Schneider.

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